Many Pagans, Ceremonial Magicians & others use the word "Magick" spelled with a "k" in order to distinguish it from stage magic or sleight of hand. I have chosen to do so for clarity's sake. What do I mean by magick? It has often been described as affecting physical change by non-physical means, or mind over matter. Possible? You bet as long as the magician stays within Universal law. For my own work I won't take away another's free will unless they intend to do great harm.

Type of Spell

Original Request

Alternative Spell



"I really like this guy, how can I make him love me?"

"Please I ask that the person I'm supposed to be with comes into my life & I find love."

By doing this you are not compelling a specific person to your will & not shutting out the person you are supposed to be with. If this person you're interested in is THE ONE, then they will come into your life.

"Bless our marriage & make it strong."

Nothing wrong with that.


"There is someone stalking me. His name is Dave. Make him go away."

"Bind Dave from bringing harm to me." "I wish Dave to be on his way--away from me."

This has worked very well. One of my clients was being stalked, so we put wards (Protection talismans) around her home. Her stalker got a really good job offer in Alaska!


"I'm up for this great job (or promotion), make the boss like me best."

"I'm up for this great job (or promotion). If this job is best for me,  let my skills & experience catch the boss's attention. If not, then bring the best job to me. "

Like the above example compelling someone negates their freewill & may mean that when you get this great job it's not all you were hoping it to be. It could shut the door on something better.

If you wish me to create a spell for you, make your request here.
If you wish me to create the spell & cast on your behalf, please specify when making your request.
Include your full name & birthday. Remember, I will only cast for you, unless you have permission of the other person.

Ethics. It's an entire discussion in my Wicca 101 class & deservedly so. When does influence become manipulation? What about the laws of Karma?
A word about dark/black magick: With any magickal working intent is what matters, it's not either black (i.e. evil) or white (good) magick, magick is about using the energy around us to effect change. If black magick is destructive & white magick constructive, then both black & white magicks are used for say, healing. Black to remove the dis-ease, white to promote healing. And there are many shades or colors in between. Our use of magick is using a tool, what is your intent?.

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