I offer Private as well as Event or Party Tarot card readings. Call or text 510-304-7173, 8:30 am – 8:30 pm PT or e-mail to make an appointment. I do not give phone readings at this time.

Great for multiple simple questions requiring rapid-fire answers. I also use the Pendulum in conjunction with Tarot card readings to provide clarity in readings.

Available for Private readings only. One hour minimum. Call for appointment.

What is Magick? How can it help you with daily difficulties? Can I do it myself? Call, text or e-mail & we can discuss your needs.

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Serving San Francisco Bay Area & most of Northern California
Call or text to make an in-depth, in-person appointment.
Sorry I don't do phone readings at this time.

Whether a formal party or just inviting some friends over, people love getting their cards read.
Areas: San Jose to Sacramento to the Oregon border.

  • Birthdays

  • Bridal Showers

  • Halloween

  • New Year's Eve

  • Baby Showers

  • Company Parties

  • Grand Openings

  • Other Events

Reasonable rates: Prepaid by host or cash by client.

Street & Art Fairs & Festivals:

If you're having an event that includes vendors, I'd like to hear from you. Not only do I do Tarot readings, but I have an assortment of craft items for sale. (Northern California only)

About Tarot

Tarot is a very ancient form of divination. It's origins lost in time. There are obvious connections to Egypt & to the Hebrew Qabbala & it's first emergence goes back for centuries if not millenniums. There are a number of decks surviving from the Renaissance.  Today you will find hundreds of decks each deck "calling" to it's owner. Many  may be bought for private collections. I use the
Witches' Tarot by Ellen Cannon-Reed because when I was taking a workshop on the subject we were shown a variety of different decks & it appealed to me. I own several other decks, but my working deck is well worn. Whether it's the traditional such as the Rider-Waite or Crowley decks or more contemporary such as I use, each reader uses the deck for their own form of divination.

Other Services

As an ordained Priestess (ULC), I can perform various services including weddings, memorials, baby namings, coming of age & croning.  Please click here for more information.

On certain rare conditions I will do Magick on someone else's behalf. I prefer to empower my clients with  tools to shape their own destiny.  If you feel you situation warrants click Magick here .

If you have your own psychic abilities, have experienced "strange" phenomena or have other questions; if you would just like to chat with someone who understands send me an e-mail .  Sometimes if you experience things you don't understand, it can be unsettling, but with some information & training we can minimize some of those fears. While my path is the Pagan path, yours doesn't have to be.

From time to time I teach classes on Wicca, the Goddess, Candle Magick & beginning energy work (chakras & auras).

Rhyschenda's Bio

I began my spiritual quest as a teenager when I was introduced to metaphysics by one of my classmates whose family was Spiritualist.  Under her mother's guiding care I was introduced to the Ouija Board & the concept that we can contact those in the world of spirit.  I  started studying astrology on my own in high school & college.

In my late twenties I connected with two wonderful teachers:
Richard Hanuman, a graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, who taught psychic healing & who led a Dances of Universal Peace group in Menlo Park.  From that I was introduced to Sufism & studied that path for many years. My heart has been permanently touched by the Sufis' love.  My other teacher, who was actually a therapist for me, was Dr. Stephen Field , a Transpersonal Psychologist, a lay Zen Buddhist monk & a devotee of Sai Baba.

 I was attracted to the Craft through the Bay Area Pagan Assemblies (BAPA).  They were having events at the Unitarian church in which I was a member.  I heard their drumming circle one night while I was in a recovery meeting.  So I decided to find out more.  At one of BAPA's Gaia's Gateway events I met my future teachers, Janet Christian & Eric Marsh.  This set me on the path of Wicca. To tell you the truth I had to get over years of conditioning our society placed on the terms "witch" & "witchcraft". I couldn't even use the "W" word for several months even though I knew it was the path my heart desired. I did get over it & now can embrace what it fully means to be a WITCH. Anyway,  I was initiated as a first degree priestess in July 1993.  Whoa!! Can you believe that!  Where did the time go? Subsequently I became a third degree priestess in the New Albion Tradition.  My own coven, Shadows in the Mist, was formed in 1997 in Petaluma, CA. In 2000 I moved north & have been following my own eclectic solitary path since.

I work as a professional psychic (using Tarot cards, pendulum, crystal ball, spirit guides and a little common sense) to help people with life's challenges as well as open up and develop their own psychic powers & discover their spiritual path.

I'm always happy to network with others whose spiritual path is nature-centered, Goddess oriented, or otherwise Pagan friendly.  Sometimes we need support & we need to support each other when we feel like we are the only ones who have these ideals.


Welcome to a place of tolerance, affirmation & nurturing love.


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Serial novel. Rather trashy. Lots of cliches.

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